I am here

I am finally here in India and yes, this is a bit of culture shock.   I took a 14 hour direct flight from Newark, NJ to New Delhi.  The flight was actually pretty good and they fed us well.  I watched a few fairly new movies and slept on and off.  Which is of course why I couldn’t sleep that well last night which is really yesterday afternoon when you consider the time difference.

The drive from the airport to the International School for Jaine Studies was another culture shock. Apparantly lane markers are just a suggestion and no one really follows them.  The lanes could imply three lanes and having 6 doesn’t seem uncommon.   There were dozens of near misses.  Amazed I made it here alive.

DSC_5625When we did pull up to the Jaine School and the Jaine Temple all lit up, I was speechless.  It is beautiful.  Hoping to get some time to walk around today and photograph more of the grounds.  I tried earlier today since I woke up a 3am, went back to sleep util 4am and then thought, eh might as well get up and get a shower.  The shower was luke warm and only had one stream in the “spray” actually working AND it felt nice.   Took awhile to rinse off and I didn’t mind.

Really trying to get a motto while I am here. “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  This is taking me so far from the comfort zone I am use to that I decided the best way to deal with the discomforts is to try and enjoy them.  Be present to them and don’t focus on what is wrong with them, focus on what works.

After my shower, I realized coffee is another luxury I won’t be getting here.  It is instant packets and instant creamer.   Not sure I can handle that, so I may just live on tea while I am here.

The people I have met so far from this teaching program have left me feeling happy and warm as most of us have clicked right away.  Of course, how can you not click with a group of people in a nonviolence in education program in India?

I have more pics to load when I get a little more time and have all my cords handy.  Wifi here isn’t the best and of course my phone doesn’t work here (or at least I wasn’t willing to pay the bucks to make it work).  I will post my and my thoughts from the day a little later!

Peace from New Delhi, India.


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