Eve of the Trip: Packing & Panic

IMG_0811Of course every trip has the moment of “did I forget something?” or “will I be prepared for?” and this trip is no different.  I am doing my best to travel light which means giving up vanity for practicality. I want clothes and products that makes sense versus making me look good.  Although I admit, I tried on a hat today from NorthFace that Rick told me looked okay, and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy.   Hope I can find a hat when I am in Delhi.

As I sit here typing this, hearing the waves crashing from Long Island reacting to the Super moon, I can’t help thinking about how comfy my world is and how out of my comfort zone I am going and WILLINGLY!  I am excited to step out of my norm and allow something different to happen around me.  Still, this is out of the zone for me.  I have a pile of clothes, all of which don’t look “great” on me and they are practical for this trip.  I think I am finally learning that taking care of me is more than looking fabulous or saving face.  Sometimes, being comfortable, cared for, and spiritual about self-care make more sense.

IMG_0807I am prepping for the 14-hour flight with trail mix, headphones, a Harry Potter marathon prepared on my iPad.  I also have good meds to knock me out on the plane.  We take off at 8:30pm EST and get into Delhi the following day at 8:15pm.  Odd to say the least…..

I think I have all the right stuff, the right clothes, the right snacks for a 14 hour flight!  We will see what I learn on the trip.

I also spent a part of the day preparing by having down time at the beach and Date Night with Rick.  I spent the afternoon on the beach reading a book and even saw the Red Sox Blimp go right by our beach.  Later, we went to see the new Planet of the Apes flick and dinner at Panera.   I enjoyed spending time with the person I love and the person I will miss the most while I am in India.

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